Lapis Lazuli #3 - Single Half Pan - Russia

Lapis Lazuli #3 - Single Half Pan - Russia


A single pan of Lapis Lazuli, one of the earliest pigments (as early as 7th millennium BCE) used throughout history it was one of the most expensive and rarest of pigments. This Lapis Lazuli is ground with a different process compared to Lapis Lazuli #1 (from South America) and #2 (from Afghan). From the mines of Russia west of Lake Baikal this blue is deeper and darker in colour then the other Lapis Lazuli.

Origin: Russia

Colour index: PB 29.7. This colour has a rating of *** (excellent) lightfastness. Handmade paints work differently from commercial paints, no two are the same. They differ in texture and properties, some watercolours (especially the gem stone like peach agate/garnet/amazonite) tend to sit on the surface of the paper. Each one is hand mulled in micro batches and in multiple layers to ensure each pan is filled. I use my own binder consisting of spring water, kordofan gum arabic, glycerine, local bedfordshire honey and a bit of clove oil.

*subject to availability. Each palette/pan is made with freshly mulled paint to ensure you get no old paint. Please allow around 5-10 business days (not including holidays or weekends) for this item to ship.

For more details please see my FAQ.

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