Brown Madder - Single Half/Mini Pan

Brown Madder - Single Half/Mini Pan


A single half/mini pan of Brown Madder, a semi opaque light saddle brown.

Half pan size is 20 x 16 x 9mm and mini pan is 17mm x 14mm x 5mm.

Colour Index: PBr23, PY42. This colour has a rating of *** (excellent) lightfastness . Each one is hand mulled in micro batches and in multiple layers to ensure each pan is filled. I use my own binder consisting of spring water, kordofan gum arabic, glycerine, local bedfordshire honey and a bit of clove oil.

*subject to availability. Each palette/pan is made with freshly mulled paint to ensure you get no old paint. Please allow around 5-10 business days (not including holidays or weekends) for this item to ship.

For more details please see my FAQ.

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