Photos by  Chloe Hall

Photos by Chloe Hall

Photo by  M.C.A. Hogarth
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Photo by WaysideArtist

Photo by  Jamie

Photo by Jamie

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Photo by snowlet

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Written Reviews

M.C.A. Hogarth

Prometheus half pan: This is a stunning glittery lovely paint. (I think I swiped it with a little gold in this swatch, but it's impossible to photograph well because gorgeous.)

Pyrite half pan: I love this gray. I can't even. o_o

Metallic Deep Gold half pan: SO GOLD. *hugs it forever* I am using it on everything.


Wild Flower and Pink Nymphaea Palettes: I highly recommend these luscious watercolor paints either singly or in thoughtfully combined sets. Highly pigmented, they practically jump off the brush and onto the paper. Easy to activate, they mix with ease on the palette or on watercolor paper. The 2 sets I purchased were beautifully and carefully packaged with a few sweet treats and sample paint dots rounding out the box. Shipment to the USA was fast.

Lucy Potts

A Walk on the Beach Palette: I absolutely love buying from this shop. The items always ship on time, and show up in the most adorable little tins- plus, I received a generous two pans as a sample!

Onto this set itself though, it's a sweet set with a variety of interesting colours to create a lovely, moody seascape. Some of the paints require a little more work to activate, but I'd say it's worth it because oh my gosh...the textures on these colours are absolutely *fantastic*. Like, I cannot stress this enough, these colours have such lovely granulation that I've powered through the smalt pan (because I keep adding it to all my paintings...)

My personal favourite colour from this set is definitely the smalt, and once this pan runs out I will definitely be buying more. I look forwards to buying again!


Love this set so much! The paints activate really easily and are nice and creamy! So happy with this purchase and all the little dot cards that came with it are lovely! And they smell amazing!


Silver-Purple half pan: Greyish purple with silver shimmer. Katie’s paints are just wonderful, she packs them so nicely and I love the extra colors she generously gave: the dot cards and the half pan.

Scorpius half pan: Stunning shimmery coppery orange Color!

Prometheus half pan: An interesting greying brown Color with purple shimmer. (Sorry I am so bad at describing her colors) but all her paints rewet so well and are nicely filled in the pans.

Pandora half pan: My fave Color! I can’t describe it but it’s really two tone. It’s like a deep reddish purplish shimmery colour that changes to greenish blue shimmer when you change the light direction or over black paper.

Autumn Grass half pan: These were packed lovingly and safely arrived! Autumn grass is a stunning green with bronzey glitter. It kinda granulates a bit, I think! It’s a warmer Color compared to her Forest color.

Persia half pan: These were packed lovingly and safely arrived! Persia is lovely bright pink glittery Color with orange tones ! Wets so beautifully!

Vi Le

Witchcraft Set and Primaries Set: Gorgeous colors! huge over filled pans!!!! Adore how smooth they go on the paper!! Very high quality! So obsessed with how lovely these paints are!!! so gorgeous and smooth! love them!!!


These paints are so pigmented and the package itself was such a joy to unwrap! (I made my own color swatch to fit inside the lid and I hope I did justice to them.) Definitely going to be my go-to palette for sketching from here on out and I'll be sure to purchase from this shop again!

Chloe Hall 

Phthalo Green Cyan - This is a must have shade of green. Very vibrant and smooth! I highly recommend Kwartscreations paints!

Quinophthalone Orange - I love this orange. It’s a rich colour and perfect for flowers or flames. Mixes very easily in water and is a great colour to have in any palette!

Phthalo Turquoise - A beautiful blue and a silky texture just like the rest of her paints.

Quinacridone Red - Such a vibrant colour with a lovely smooth texture. It mixes very well with pink shades to create skin tones.

Ghost Palette - I absolutely love the ghost palette! The paints are super smooth and the pigment is so fine! These colours are perfect for things that reflect light like bubbles. I highly recommend these! Thank you!

Photo by  stereobleedout
Photo by  Vi Le

Photo by Vi Le

Photo by  Vi Le

Photo by Vi Le