Do you sell watercolour tubes?

Watercolours tubes are available upon request - colours are subject to availability. I have two sizes (30 ml and 15ml) aluminium tubes to choose from.

Why is the paint are sticking to the foil when opening?

My watercolours are only made with pigment and binder - which includes honey. Honey makes the paint easier to rewet, simply use a palette knife or a small toothpick to remove any bits of foil

Do you send untracked postage?

I only send tracked for insurance reasons and for a peace of mind - for both myself and for customers. Nobody wants to lose a parcel.

Recycling and Packaging

I recycle the packaging I use when I can. I reuse boxes or use cardboard boxes and I use paper based tape for sealing boxes. I do also use natrual linen or canvas for padding. I only use bubble wrap when necessary (eg porcelain/ceramic/fragile items). Please reuse or recycle when possible. X

What is the difference between your pearls, chameleons and metallic watercolors?

Pearl watercolours are made using mica and pigment, the metallics are made using bronze powders and the chameleons are pearls with colour changing properties - they change colour depending on the angle and lighting.

Why are your watercolours priced differently?

I use a range of pigments from suppliers around the world. The pigments are priced separately and have different lightfastness or qualities which is reflected in the price. Please refer to the item description for more information.

Watercolour care:

- Re-wet your watercolours before use for the best results
- Because my watercolours contain honey and glycerine they may be a bit sticky or soft or even crack depending on the pigment. This doe's not affect the quality of the paint.
- Please allow to dry completely after use to prevent mold
- Please refer to the item description for information on lightfastness and colour index. I try to include LF and colour index information when possible, I get the information from the manufacturers.

Ingredient details and other information

- Handmade paints work differently to commercial paints. All paints are handmade, no two are the same. Handmade colours differ in texture and properties. Some are smooth, some have grains, different tinting strength, some are high value, some are light. Natural pigments, especially gemstone and minerals differ in texture and colour due to their nature.
- Most of the pigments are nontoxic/low toxic. Some pigments are toxic like cadmium and cobalts. Regardless of toxicity levels, watercolours are not to be ingested and kept away from children and animals.
- Lightfastness is listed in each item description. I get the information from the suppliers, even if colours have excellent lightfastness, please protect colours from direct light.